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Bonsai home care

cuidado de bonsais en casa

Do you want to get everything you need for the best bonsai home care? Well, now you can, thanks to us. At ZOKA, we have high-performance products when it comes to caring for these types of plants, and we want you to benefit from them. That’s why they are available in our online shop at highly competitive prices. We don’t want the economic factor to be an excuse for your bonsai not receiving everything it needs in the best possible way. Do you know what we have here for you? Just take a look at our website where you’ll be able to see all our products. You’ll find the best substrate for bonsai, and that is a great advantage.


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    MicroSintol facilitates the circulation of sap in our bonsai through the conducting vessels, ensuring a spectacular increase in vigour in our small tree.

    With its special formula in the form of viscous liquid, the product can be applied directly by brushing onto tree trunks and branches.

    Available in 2 sizes: 250 ml y 1000 ml


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    (Second sprouting fertiliser) Nitrogen fertiliser solution by foliar applicatio

    Zokamin Flow (second sprouting fertiliser) is a nitrogen-rich vegetation stimulant that should be applied at the beginning of winter dormancy or during defoliation. By doing this, the tree is forced to create new shoots and increased branching.

    Its application facilitates uniform sprouting.

    Foliar application of Zokamin Flow homogenises sprouting and stimulates a much faster uptake of nitrogen than conventional or root fertilisation.

    Available in 2 sizes: 250 ml y 1000 ml


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    Zokamin Roots (rooting fertiliser) is a product developed to promote the rooting process of plants, transplants, cuttings, twigs and layers.

    The presence of certain synthetic amino acids in its formula gives rise to metabolic pathways in the plant, leading to the formation of natural hormones that encourage root formation.

    Zokamin Roots promotes the differentiation of root tissues, thus achieving an accelerated rooting process and, consequently, the settlement of the plant to new conditions in the substrate when necessary.

    Available in 2 sizes: 250 ml y 1000 ml


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    (SPRING FERTILISER) Fertiliser solution NPK 10-10-6 with Micronutrients

    Zokamin Spring (spring fertiliser) is an invigorating foliar fertiliser, in liquid form, water-soluble, easy and fast assimilation for all plant types.

    Zokamin Spring contains a very appropriate N/P/K ratio (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) for application in the early stages of sprouting and during the leaf and fruit formation phases

    Available in 2 sizes: 250 ml y 1000 ml

Bonsai home care specialists

We can assure you that, with this product, your favourite plant will always be in peak condition. We are sure that we are addressing a responsible person, passionate about bonsai. This is what we look for when we market our products, because we know that you will make the effort, day by day, to ensure the optimum health of your bonsai. When you see your plant looking well, you too will feel much better, so give it all the love it asks for. The plant will be grateful and you will notice this. Taking care of bonsai is ideal for enjoying good mental health, and that is of the utmost importance, especially when we have so many obligations in our daily routine.

We are experts in bonsai home care and we want to give our customers all our knowledge and products so that they can give their bonsai the best standard of living. This is guaranteed with everything we offer, and with the information we give you, whenever you need it. We are here to help anyone who wants the best for a plant that has become their best companion for moments of peace and relaxation. Indoor bonsai care is our business!