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Organic foliar fertiliser

abono foliar ecologico

An organic foliar fertiliser may be the best solution for your bonsai’s development.

Are you sure you are doing the right things with regard to the care of this plant, that has now become your favourite companion? Caring for her will benefit her greatly, and you too.

Bonsai care is not only necessary, it’s also really good for your mental and physical health, so don’t hesitate to go a step further in quality by choosing one of our bonsai fertilisers.


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    MicroSintol facilitates the circulation of sap in our bonsai through the conducting vessels, ensuring a spectacular increase in vigour in our small tree.

    With its special formula in the form of viscous liquid, the product can be applied directly by brushing onto tree trunks and branches.

    Available in 2 sizes: 250 ml y 1000 ml


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    (Second sprouting fertiliser) Nitrogen fertiliser solution by foliar applicatio

    Zokamin Flow (second sprouting fertiliser) is a nitrogen-rich vegetation stimulant that should be applied at the beginning of winter dormancy or during defoliation. By doing this, the tree is forced to create new shoots and increased branching.

    Its application facilitates uniform sprouting.

    Foliar application of Zokamin Flow homogenises sprouting and stimulates a much faster uptake of nitrogen than conventional or root fertilisation.

    Available in 2 sizes: 250 ml y 1000 ml


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    Zokamin Roots (rooting fertiliser) is a product developed to promote the rooting process of plants, transplants, cuttings, twigs and layers.

    The presence of certain synthetic amino acids in its formula gives rise to metabolic pathways in the plant, leading to the formation of natural hormones that encourage root formation.

    Zokamin Roots promotes the differentiation of root tissues, thus achieving an accelerated rooting process and, consequently, the settlement of the plant to new conditions in the substrate when necessary.

    Available in 2 sizes: 250 ml y 1000 ml


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    (SPRING FERTILISER) Fertiliser solution NPK 10-10-6 with Micronutrients

    Zokamin Spring (spring fertiliser) is an invigorating foliar fertiliser, in liquid form, water-soluble, easy and fast assimilation for all plant types.

    Zokamin Spring contains a very appropriate N/P/K ratio (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) for application in the early stages of sprouting and during the leaf and fruit formation phases

    Available in 2 sizes: 250 ml y 1000 ml

We have an environmentally friendly foliar fertiliser for you

We have the best bonsai nutrients and we want you to enjoy them for the optimal growth of your plant. 

We are well aware that, if you are just starting out in bonsai care, you may still have a few doubts about how to proceed. We have a great team of professionals who can help you with the most comprehensive advice.

We are firmly committed to giving you the best products and all the information you need to dispel your doubts. Our main goal is to make you feel at ease with your bonsai tree, and we are confident that we can achieve this.

Start with an organic foliar fertiliser and your plant is sure to stay with you for a long time, in top condition. Finding comfort in your home is extremely important, and having a healthy bonsai can help you achieve it.

Plants have a very important place in our lives and a bonsai is something really special, which should be cared for in the best way possible. Pamper her and she will be eternally grateful to you.

What you need to know is that to take care of a bonsai properly, you have to exercise that care every day. This means that you should perform the same actions at different times of the year.

Our fertilisers are perfectly adapted to any time of the year and your plant is sure to develop the way you’ve always dreamed it would. Let’s talk.

abono foliar ecologico bonsai