If you are a bonsai enthusiast and you are in Madrid, you’re in luck!

Congratulations. The Spanish capital offers a whole range of options and activities for you to

enjoy and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of these miniature trees. In this

news item, we present the best plans/agendas for bonsai lovers in Madrid.


Here are a few of the bonsai programmes and venues we have for you:


  • Royal Botanic Garden:This iconic venue is home to an impressive collection ofbonsai trees, where you can marvel at the beauty and diversity of these

    small natural wonders. Explore the gardens and learn about the

    different cultivation techniques used to keep these bonsai in

    top condition.


  • De la Vega Garden:One of the most important museums in Europe if we are talking about

    bonsai. In the midst of this beautiful scenery is the Museum of the

    Bonsai, a temple specialised in performing this thousand-year-old technique with the

    trees. All those attending will be allowed to enter and discover the most important

    and precious bonsai trees grown inside.


  • Museo del Bonsái de Parla (Parla Bonsai Museum): Has a surface area of over 400square metres dedicated to strolling and enjoyment, surrounded by a Botanical Garden

    of more than 7,000 square metres filled with vegetation. It is located in a large

    exhibition hall with almost thirty different specimens of

    bonsai from Spain, China and Japan. Entry is free of charge,

    although you will have to make a reservation on the Parla Ayntamiento (town hall) website

    and is located at number 4, Juan Carlos 1 Street.


  • Bonsái Colmenar: Where you can find between 1,500 and 2,000 bonsaipermanently on sale. Among them, a large number are specimens

    from their own in-house production. The seasons of the year will completely

    alter the impression you take away with you when you visit the garden. Bear in mind the snow, the cold,

    the rain, the lights, the different shades of the leaves, the flowers… You’ll find it at

    43 Avila Street.


Don’t hesitate to include these wonderful places in your plans and immerse yourself in this fascinating

discipline! From Zoka we encourage you to enjoy bonsai.