Fertilising your bonsai is a very important process for the plant’s normal growth and good health. As you probably know, you should take great care to follow the right steps, thus ensuring that your beloved tree will remain with you under the best possible conditions. Liquid fertilisers, such as the ones we offer you at Zoka, are the present and future of bonsai. While we are confident you are carrying out the routines your plant needs, we would like to let you know the most common mistakes when using bonsai liquid fertiliser. If you’ve made any of these mistakes, there’s still time to correct your behaviour. Let’s take a look at them! 

Keep in mind the most common mistakes when using a liquid fertiliser for your bonsai

  1. Excessive fertilisation: We are talking about not applying the right amount of fertiliser to the bonsai. Over-fertilising can lead to an excessive amount of nutrients reaching the roots, causing them to burn.  Once this happens, the healthy plant you wished for will cease to be. By contrast, you should not use too little either, as this will not ensure its optimum development. 
  2. Bad mix: Mixing fertiliser with water is one way to prepare it for use on bonsai. However, if it is not diluted in the right way, the nutrients will be poorly distributed around the tree. This means that some parts of the plant will receive greater or lesser quantities of nutrients than others. In short, your bonsai tree will not be entirely healthy. 
  3. Same amount at rest: Another of the most common mistakes when using a liquid fertiliser for bonsai. There are times when the bonsai are less active because they are resting and require fewer nutrients. This happens during the winter months. You cannot feed your plant the same amount of fertiliser as you do during the growing season. It has lower nutrient needs and you should be aware of this. Don’t damage it due to something easily solved. 
  4. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions: Fertilisers usually come with their composition and a user manual. All you have to do is take heed of the information provided. If you do, you will have nothing to worry about.

Have we helped you by telling you some of the most common mistakes when using bonsai liquid fertiliser? Don’t be afraid to change a routine that wasn’t perfect. By the way, if you want your bonsai to be with you for a long time, choose our fertilisers.