Have you recently taken up bonsai care? Do you know if you are doing things right? Surely, if you are a lover of this type of plant, you are doing your best to give it the best and most adequate care it needs. We are glad that this is the case, as bonsai are really grateful and will certainly notice the efforts you make to ensure they develop in good health. However, for you yourself, and for those who want to start taking care of this plant, we want to go into the pitfalls to avoid in bonsai care. They are delicate plants and many things have to be taken into account to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Therefore, knowing some of the mistakes that are often made will help you avoid making them. Stick with them and avoid problems.

We will tell you the pitfalls to avoid when caring for bonsai trees

The first mistake to avoid in the care of bonsai is that of starting to care for bonsai without having previously acquired all the information needed to go about it. What do we mean by this? To take care of every detail. For example, one thing that can never be forgotten is to know for sure whether you have an outdoor or indoor bonsai. This is really important, as their care can vary substantially. On the other hand, you need to know how much light it needs, as well as how much water. At any rate, what we can assure you of at Zoka is that we have the best fertilisers for the perfect evolution of this plant. If you want a bonsai in top condition, we are what you need. By the way, do not fertilise in large quantities, as it is better to do it little by little.

Another mistake to avoid in bonsai care is watering when it is not the right time. To know when to do this, make sure that the surface of the soil is dry. This is usually the right time for watering. However, it will depend on the type of bonsai you have or where it is planted. What you must avoid at all costs is over-watering. Swamping your tree will make it feel really poorly.

On the other hand, you have to get the location right. What you need to know for sure is that if your bonsai is an indoor one, then it should be kept indoors. That doesn’t mean you can’t give it the sun – far from it. In fact, it should ideally be placed in a window that lets in plenty of light, as that’s what it needs. When it comes to outdoor bonsai, make sure you know where they come from. This is how you will know whether it needs to be in constant sunlight or whether it also needs some shade. A bad location can kill this very special plant.

Take good care of your bonsai. We can help you to do it!