If you are reading these lines, we would like to thank and welcome you to the Zoka blog we are launching today.

Are you wondering what Zoka is? We are a Spanish brand that has just launched a line of exclusive products for the care of bonsai, including stimulants, fertilisers and substrates for the cultivation and maintenance of our trees.

We are working in collaboration with MORERA which has more than 55 years of experience, on the development of a unique formula that allows bonsai lovers to achieve a healthy growth and an attractive aesthetic appearance for these trees.

Among the brand’s star products is MicroSintol, a fertiliser that facilitates the circulation of sap through the conducting vessels, ensuring a spectacular increase in your bonsai’s vigour

Another attractive launch is the “Zoka Pack” which includes the four essential bonsai care products. Remember that it is important to know which stage or process your bonsai is in so that you can determine which product is most suitable for its care and maintenance.

With this launch, we at Zoka aim to provide bonsai enthusiasts with the right products to achieve the optimal care and lasting beauty for their trees.

Thank you for joining us today. We will be back soon with news, tips and information about the world of bonsai that we hope will be of interest to you.