Watering is one of the most crucial aspects of bonsai care. Below, we will explore the secrets of bonsai watering and how you can make sure your precious specimens maintain their best shape.

Keep your bonsai in perfect condition

  1. Know the needs of your bonsai:

Each bonsai species has specific watering needs. Research and understand the particularities of your miniature tree, e.g. when and how much water it needs. Some bonsai require frequent watering, while others need periods of drought interspersed with deep watering.

  1. Choose the right irrigation method:

There are several watering techniques for bonsai, such as dipping, sprinkling and drip irrigation. Choose the method that best suits your bonsai and your care style. Make sure that water reaches all the roots and does not accumulate in the substrate.

  1. Observe your bonsai:

Observation is key to determining when is the right time to water. Check the surface of the substrate and, when you notice that it is starting to dry out, it is time to water. Avoid routine watering, as each bonsai and its environment is unique.

  1. Water quality control:

Water quality is important for the health of your bonsai. Use chlorine-free water and avoid water with high levels of mineral salts. Rainwater or filtered water are often good options.

  1. Adjust watering according to the seasons:

The amount of water your bonsai needs may vary according to the season. In summer, it may need more frequent watering due to the heat, while in winter, the frequency should be reduced. Adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

By mastering the secrets of bonsai watering and paying attention to the individual needs of your small trees, you can ensure that they grow and thrive at their best. Maintain a proper moisture balance and watch your bonsai grow into healthy, beautiful specimens that will make you proud. ZokaGreen has the best for your most precious trees