Make an informed choice: Substrate or compost? 

Bonsai lovers know that it is essential to provide them with the right nutrients. In gardening and bonsai cultivation, selecting a suitable fertiliser plays a crucial role.

We at Zoka are an outstanding leading supplier of products designed exclusively for bonsai care, offering a wide variety of fertilisers to satisfy all the needs of bonsai enthusiasts, from beginners to experts.

Substrates vs. fertilisers: The 2 key differences 

It is essential to understand that although substrates and bonsai fertilisers are often used together to care for these miniature trees, they play different roles that need to be taken into account when it comes to achieving the healthiest bonsai.

On the one hand, substrates provide the physical medium necessary for the growth of bonsai roots. These substrates provide physical support and structure that allow the roots to expand and anchor themselves in a healthy way. Choosing the right substrate is essential for ensuring that the roots have the optimum environment in which to grow.

Meanwhile, fertilisers are responsible for supplying essential nutrients for bonsai development and health. These nutrients include vital elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which are necessary for the growth, flowering and disease resistance of these miniature trees.

Choose the perfect fertiliser for your bonsai

Given the importance of fertilisers in bonsai care, it is essential to choose the most suitable products. At Zoka, we aim to meet the nutritional needs of bonsai with our range of fertilisers, specifically formulated to address nutritional deficiencies and stimulate rapid growth in bonsai.

We will be happy to advise bonsai enthusiasts when choosing the most suitable fertiliser for their miniature trees. With this range of fertilisers, bonsai lovers can be sure that they are providing their little trees with all the nutrients they need to flourish and maintain their beauty over time.