At Zoka, we are aware of the importance of firm roots in a bonsai and we know that it is vital for those roots to enjoy optimal growth and development for perfect plant rooting. That is why we have created a product like Zokamin Roots. This fertiliser has been developed to encourage these rooting processes, as well as transplanting, slips, cuttings and layering. 

Zokamin Roots is the perfect alternative for you to get the most out of your plant’s roots. How is it done? By promoting the differentiation of root tissues. This makes rooting much faster, so your little tree will have the ability to adapt itself, earlier than expected, to the new conditions you have provided. 

Zokamin Roots, the perfect fertiliser for your bonsai 

Since we have focused on the important role of roots in bonsai, let’s talk about a root system that exists in these beautiful and curious plants. Do you know what it is? It’s this! 

Fibrous: This system provides great results for bonsai, as it has a terrific capacity to absorb nutrients from fertilisers and irrigation water. Its characteristics include the fact that it contains, as you can imagine, many fibrous and quite fine roots. These roots extend superficially.

These are the most common root systems in bonsai, although depending on the type of plant species you have as a companion, you may find a mixture of the two we have described or even other variants such as surface or pond. These are less common and are generally a sign that the bonsai next to you may be a little more delicate than you think.

Care for your bonsai as best you can. Zokamin Roots is a great product to start with, but remember that we have several types of fertilisers that are perfectly adapted to your bonsai according to its type and the time of the year. Each has its own properties.