Do you want to give your bonsai the best possible care? To do so, you have to treat them with the right products, and we can help you with that. At Zoka, we offer you the most complete fertilisers in the right compositions, so you can be sure that your favourite plant will enjoy the utmost health, and the growth you’ve always dreamed of. We have fertilisers for different times of the year and for the ideal development of the different parts of the bonsai. You’ve probably heard about manures/composts and fertilisers many times. Do you know what each one is? It’s a good idea to know a bit more about it, as you are the one responsible for doing everything in your power to keep the bonsai with you as long as possible. That is why we want to go into the differences between composting/manuring and fertilising. Do you know them? We will try to explain them in the simplest possible way, so that your plant will become something special for a long time.

Here are the differences between manuring/composting and fertilising

If we’re going to go into the differences between manuring/composting and fertilising, we will have to explain the differences between manure/compost and fertiliser. You probably don’t know which one will suit your bonsai best, but we know for sure. The first thing we want to tell you is that both compost/manure and fertiliser have a common goal, which is to provide your plant with the nutrients it needs in order to develop in an optimal way, so that it can enjoy good health. Well, we can now tell you that for the care of your bonsai you should use manure/compost. It is no coincidence that we sell them with different properties. Manure/compost is the resource you are looking for for an outstanding bonsai.

The main differences between manuring/composting and fertilising have to do with the composition of manures/composts and fertilisers. In summary, we can say that manures/composts are much healthier and more effective, as they contain organic and natural substances, which are perfect for the development of the plant. It will be carried out in a way in which you’ll know they will not be harmed. Moreover, composts/manures, as you can imagine, are totally environmentally friendly. Fertilisers, on the other hand, contain artificial substances. This means that they are engineered and therefore may not be the best for your bonsai. That said, they are not particularly respectful of nature either, and you know how important it is to take care of our surroundings.

Enjoy your bonsai!