At Zoka, we are delighted to have attended Expogarden 2024 for the first time, the foremost event in the green industry. This annual congress brings together managers of garden centres and partner companies for a variety of purposes, providing an excellent opportunity to form new professional relationships. On this occasion, we had the pleasure of meeting you in person and strengthening ties with former customers.

Zoka’s presence at ExpoGarden, an unforgettable experience

ExpoGarden had a programme that encouraged networking among all the congress participants, which enabled us to learn from many of them and to make ourselves known to those who might also be interested in us. It was a dynamic and natural event, in which we were able to show ourselves as we are, showing not only our products, but also a brand that is committed to the highest quality in the present and in the future 

This was the second fair at which Zoka presented its outstanding range of specialised bonsai products. As a Spanish brand, we are known for our quality and for the guarantee that we offer with each product, ensuring the best composition for the growth of your bonsai. These small trees are our passion and that is what we have tried to transmit in an event where we have all the freedom to show what we are and what we want to be.

We returned home with a very positive impression, new contacts and a great desire to continue working to provide the best service to our customers. We would like to thank the ExpoGarden team for their magnificent work, organisation and collaboration in creating this exceptional experience.

We do not want to conclude this news without thanking all those who showed interest in our products, came to meet us and get more information. We look forward to continuing this relationship and hope that our paths will cross again to begin a positive journey for everyone. We look forward to working hand in hand with all those who appreciate what we have to offer, we are waiting for you!