Caring for a bonsai has many advantages, but when it comes to knowing the timing and frequency of watering our little tree, it can be a real headache. Do you know how a bonsai should be watered? 

The answer to this question varies according to the species of bonsai, the season of the year and the environmental conditions. Generally speaking, it is essential to balance watering to avoid both dryness and excess moisture. The key is to understand the specific needs of your small tree. Bear in mind that there are different types of bonsai and all of them require very different routines. So study your small plant carefully to give it what it deserves.   

Tips for optimal watering of a bonsai: 

  1. Finger test: Put your finger into the substrate up to the second joint. If it feels damp, wait before watering. If it is dry, it is time to do some watering. That said, watering is much more than just pouring water, so you need to know how far to go. Too much or too little liquid can have negative consequences for the growth and development of the tree. Our next point takes the guesswork out of it! 
  1. Deep watering: Make sure the water reaches the roots at the bottom. Keep watering until water starts to run out of the drainage holes. The most important thing is not to make the mistake of letting the water stay on the surface. A bonsai relies on the strength of its roots and these must be properly nourished. Another help for them is fertilisers with the right composition. Remember that we have them for you. Don’t hesitate to get them as a perfect complement to bonsai watering!  
  1. Variable frequency: Adapt the frequency of watering according to the season. Bonsai tend to need more water during spring and summer, while in winter they may require less. We can say that during these harder months at the beginning of the year your tree is not as needy, as it is semi-dormant. Here you should focus on ensuring that they are not spoilt by excessive cold. Your favourite plant should be watered more regularly during the growth phase.

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