Bonsai, as we have already told you in previous publications, are very beautiful plants, but they are also quite delicate, so you have to give them the best possible care right from the very beginning, using the best products. This is what you can do through subscriptions that we put at your disposal from Zoka. They are all prepared so that you can give the best to your bonsai in the season in which it requires it, providing what’s needed for the different parts of the plant, now such an important part of your life. For the bonsai to grow in good health, it is essential that it has healthy roots, and this requires the use of suitable compost/manure. Do you know the role of fertilisers in bonsai root development? It is crucial to opt for quality products. We have them!

Learn about the role of fertilisers in bonsai root development

Before going into the role of fertilisers in bonsai root development, you should know that there are different fertilisers for different times of the year. Keep in mind that the plant’s growing season is from spring to autumn, but you then have to prepare it optimally so that it can withstand the harsh winter. Because of its peculiarities, the fertilisers you use will be different every few months. This is something to keep in mind if you want to enjoy the company of your bonsai for a long time. In addition, depending on their composition, there are fertilisers that target the roots, the stem or the leaves and fruits of the plant. Every detail counts when pampering a bonsai.

That said, the roots of a bonsai are a rather complicated element. Why? Because unlike other plants or vegetables, they do not have the ability to spread out in order to take up all the nutrients they need. This means that a great deal of effort has to be made to feed them properly. Fertilisers usually have a basic composition of three elements which are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. You can see this on the labelling of the products by the letters N-K-P. Depending on the numbering given to each element, some will contain more of one than the other. Well, we have to tell you that phosphorus has the greatest impact on the growth and good appearance of the roots, so if you need it, opt for one that has a greater quantity of this element. In addition to this, they should be provided with micronutrients and amino acids.

The role of fertilisers in the development of bonsai roots is fundamental, so get to know your plant perfectly in order to choose the one that suits it best.