Your bonsai deserves to look outstanding, so you have to make sure that all the care you give it is unique. It appreciates the love you put into it, so you should make an effort to give it very special treatment. It is part of your home and your family, and that is reason enough for you to do everything you can to ensure that it always appears as that magnificent plant that captivates everyone from the very first time they see it. Do you use the best fertilisers for your small tree? At Zoka, we have them and they are adapted to every season of the year. Give them to your tree! Now we want to make you aware of some tips to avoid over-fertilisation of a bonsai. More does not mean better, so be careful not to damage it.

Use these tips to avoid over-fertilisation of a bonsai 

  1. Get to know your bonsai: Something as simple as this becomes one of the best tips to avoid over-fertilisation of a bonsai. There are different types of this millenarian tree, these types have different needs. Therefore, you should proceed according to what they ask for. Knowing all its peculiarities will help you get it right when it comes to giving your plant the nutrients it needs. Find out what kind of fertiliser is best for it and how often and in what form it should be given. 
  2. Please note the information: We are talking about all the data that is available on the fertiliser package. Each product is designed to be used in a certain way. Following all the instructions guarantees keeping the bonsai in perfect condition. Do not make decisions on your own, as the health of your precious plant may suffer. 
  3. Pay attention to any signs: For whatever reason, the process of fertilisation may result in. Any kind of carelessness causes damage to the bonsai which is rather a delicate plant. However, the good thing about this oriental tree is that it shows some signs that it does not need any more. If the leaves start to wilt or turn a rather abnormal yellow colour, become suspicious. Also, you may notice that the substrate is not as it is usually, or that it gives off a strong smell of  excessive moisture. 
  4. Beware of winter: These are the months of the year when bonsai trees are in their resting season. Therefore,  less fertiliser should be administered. It will need more in the growing seasons.    

These tips on how to avoid over-fertilisation of a bonsai will help you to keep this charismatic plant as your perfect companion for a long time to come. It is also a great idea to have our fertilisers to hand. Find out about Zokamin Flow, Zokamin Roots, Zokaming Spring and MicroSintol. They are perfect!