There are many different types of bonsai. Which one is yours? If we ask you this question, it is because, among other things, this is what you have to look at in order to be able to give it what it needs, in order to grow in the right way and with maximum health. If in other publications we have already talked about the care that must be taken with regard to its location and the light it receives, as well as the temperature to which it can be exposed, today it is time to talk about a process such as fertilising. It is essential to do it in a way that the product chosen is the one that best suits your little tree. Not only this, but the fertiliser can be different depending on the time of year you are in. There are months when the plant is growing and others when it is time for maintenance. Do you want to know which is the best fertiliser for bonsai? We are not going to lie to you. Although we are going to tell you many interesting details, it is ours. From Zoka, we have an outstanding range of fertilisers so your bonsai keeps you company for a long time.

The best fertiliser for bonsai? We’ve got it! 

As in some articles we have already talked about the composition of fertilisers, having the same task of providing macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients and amino acids to the tree, we believe that there is another aspect that may interest you when it comes to being clear about which fertiliser is best for bonsai. It is here that we want to talk to you about liquid manure. Do you know what it can contribute or the benefits you can take advantage of to help your bonsai grow with optimal health? Here are some points that you will find very interesting. We recommend this type of fertiliser for your tree’s beautiful and healthy appearance.

The first benefit of liquid fertiliser is that it helps greatly in better spreading the nutrients needed by the bonsai. Now you can benefit from a foliar fertiliser that will keep your plant in perfect condition. That said, remember that it is particularly suitable when the aim is not to cause any damage to the soil. This type of fertiliser is very easily absorbed, which facilitates the care of the bonsai. Having said that, keep in mind that Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK) must not be lacking. A chemical fertiliser also contains what is necessary for maximum performance of the bonsai at every stage of its development. Give it everything it needs.

I’m sure you already know what the best bonsai fertiliser is!