Caring for your bonsai is a process that will fill you with satisfaction every time you admire your tree and confirm that it is in perfect condition. There are many factors to take into account so that it always looks in good health, but it is worth it when you realise that it will be with you for a long time, being the perfect companion at home or in your office. Where should I begin with the care of this plant? You have probably already heard that location is fundamental and fertiliser is essential. Do you know what kind of soil is used for bonsai? Not just any old thing will do, but it has to meet certain requirements in order to deliver outstanding results. Read the article we bring you today with care and your bonsai will surely experience a leap in quality.

We tell you what kind of soil is used for a bonsai tree

To go into what type of soil to use for bonsai, you need to know that what you should choose is a substrate that has a great capacity to drain water. Your bonsai needs to be watered and I’m sure you do this, but if the soil chosen is not suitable and is too thick, the water will not reach the roots of the tree and it will not be able to develop normally. Therefore,try to choose a type of soil that is fine and  easy to move. Encouraging the passage of water to the roots should be one of your fundamental objectives with your bonsai. To maintain the correct humidity in these types of trees, it is also a good idea to have some clay in the soil.

On the other hand, now that you know what kind of soil to use for bonsai, there is one thing you should never overlook and that is the following. Nobody is going to look after this tree like you, so if you get it as a gift, don’t leave it just the way you got it. It is more than likely that the soil it comes with is of a very poor quality and this is something the bonsai will suffer from. You know, the first step has to be to transplant it so that you can give it the substrate that suits it best. Now that you know all this, it’s time for you to know that ZokaGreen has fertilisers with the best nutrients for every season of the year. We love it when your bonsai looks healthy on the outside, because that means it is cared for on the inside. Our products are a guarantee of success. Choose us!