Your bonsai deserves the best care so that it can develop in full health. Are you providing it? Every detail counts when it comes to ensuring that this tree will be with you, in perfect condition, for a long time. At Zoka, we know this and that is why we can recommend you our products. We have fertilisers with the most carefully selected composition for the optimal growth of your bonsai. Do you know about Zokamin Flow? Now is the time for you to get to know more about this product. It is ideal for warm areas and helps a lot with Nitrogen when your plant starts to come out of winter dormancy or during the defoliation period. Sprouting usually starts in the spring and we want to help you make sure it happens as it should do. 

To stimulate a second sprouting, it is recommended to apply Zokamin Flow as a foliar spray 7 to 10 days before the expected defoliation, with one or two applications at a concentration of 1% (10 mL/L). To favour the emergence from winter dormancy and to promote uniform bud break, it is suggested to apply Zokamin Flow by foliar spray at the beginning of bud break, when the buds are in the green bud or white or pink bud stage, at a concentration of 1-2% (10-20 mL/L).

Choose Zokamin Flow for your bonsai! 

Zokamin Flow, with Nitrogen as a base, is a stimulant for vegetation. What it does is to encourage sprouting and branching. It represents a leap in quality compared to the more usual fertilisers. With this product, the uptake of nitrogen will be improved and this leads to uniform sprouting. As you can see, the benefits of this resource are many, so give your bonsai what suits it best. 

Now that you know more about one of our products, let’s take a closer look at some of the factors that influence the sprouting of these trees: 

  1. Season of the year: You have to think that the normal time for sprouting is spring. The bonsai will find more suitable temperatures after the winter and will also be grateful for the longer days. Let’s say that, all together, this is the perfect combination for it to start sprouting. There are certain areas where, due to weather conditions, sprouting may be earlier or later. 
  2. Pruning: Pruning is a common process in bonsai, but it can also be done strategically to keep the bonsai in the perfect shape. Pruning can be done directly on the shoots or also on the branches. Remember to assess the location of your bonsai and the type of bonsai in order to proceed in the right way when pruning. 
  3. Select the correct buds: From the buds come the shoots. Well, there are some of them that may be weaker. These are the ones you can remove to try to encourage the growth of the stronger ones. Speaking of removing what’s left over, remember to also get rid of weeds and dirt from your tree. Every little helps.

Do you want to take advantage of Zokamin Flow? You can now buy the best bonsai fertiliser.